Bitcoin Market Cap is Only 4.2% of the US Defense Budget: We Have a Long Ways to Grow

The US defense budget from 2008–2020 totals approximately $8,500 billion dollars, or $8.5 trillion.

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Bitcoin’s entire market cap as of December 2020 is only about $359 billion. This means that Bitcoin, compared to the amount spent on the US military, for the duration of Bitcoin’s existence, only sums to a mere 4.2% in comparison.

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This is a significant metric to track, because the amount of taxpayer money forcibly being spent on endless wars and occupation is one of the greatest injustices, perhaps only secondary to inflation itself.

Where these billions of dollars could be spent improving education, schools, medical coverage, social programs, infrastructure, and much more domestically, instead they are obsessively wasted in fear. What will the military even bother to protect, when the citizens have all died of starvation and disease? Perhaps the billions will be used to protect the surviving richest 1% of citizens? It certainly doesn’t look like the rest of the population actually matters at all.

Money printer go BRRR

With infinitely printable fiat currency, a government is permitted to spend egregiously on control — whether that is external or internal. Whether it be domestic surveillance, media control, anti-protest armies, or COVID-related curfews (as if it only spreads at night), the government’s nature is to grow and grow like a tumor using infinite funds as a source of fuel.

However, if Bitcoin works — and it has been so far — then we should expect that it will successfully devour the size and capacity of the US military budget. As inflation is reigned in, the budget size denominated in US dollars may be growing, but Bitcoin denominated in US dollars should fast exceed it. This would indicate that Bitcoin is starting to hold back some of the “unrestrained power” that the military holds today.

Violence Not Required

Bitcoin is peaceful protest. It does not wish to destroy the economy, but rather, have it play by the same rules for everybody. What we have today is crony capitalism, with cheaters and corruption in every direction. Real capitalism rewards everyone fairly, and there is more than enough to go around for those who may struggle and can’t work.

The Bitcoin Lifeboat

As the world transforms to a Bitcoin-denominated one, the effect we should see is a desperate reach by government to hold on to it’s power by punishing it’s own citizens even further via higher taxes or inflation. People who fail to grab on to the Bitcoin lifeboat will be destined to sink along with the government flailing in it’s death throes. Do not let a sinking government drag you down. Buy a small piece of the life boat. A piece small enough that you won’t regret if it doesn’t work, but a piece large enough that you won’t regret if the currency does collapse.

Bitcoin is a newborn baby, only at 4.2% of the spending of the US military. Tiny in comparison, it’s potential and might even say, destiny, is far greater than anything imaginable.



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