A Bitcoin Fable

Educating the Survivors of Economic Collapse

Ant is stacking sats, while grasshopper waits for fiat handouts.

In the fable of the ant and the grasshopper, we learn the value of preparing for the future.

Many Bitcoiners are diligently stacking sats while others write Bitcoin off as a scam or a foolish investment.

Unfortunately for the naysayers, fiat winter is coming.

When fiat collapses, and society destabilizes from massive the economic issues, an opportunity for a new class of leaders will appear. The new leaders will be Bitcoin owners. They will be responsible for taking the lessons learned by the previous generations and reforming the state with new principles — starting with the education of sound money.

It is imperative that the narrative isn’t about how “lucky” some Bitcoiners got with their “risky investments”. This would be a tragedy, and would miss out on learning the importance of preparation and saving. There was no luck involved. It was simply the most logical, sensible, and safe thing to do.

New Economics 101

And Bitcoin teaches us a lot about autonomy and trust. That we should not dole out our trust with nothing more than faith. It is foolish to entrust our money into a government, much less one that is manipulated by powerful, private financial elites such as the Federal Reserve who are never elected and answer to no one. We learn from the mathematical verification of blocks in the network, that we can be our own bank. While that comes with a multitude of security responsibilities that most people would love to shed, it is that laziness that is exploited to collapse an entire society.

It’s all about the money.

Almost all political and societal issues are hinged on money. Poverty and homelessness. Skyrocketing rents and mass evictions, and increasing gap between the rich and the poor. Lack of good education. Lack of safety nets. Even racial inequity is all connected to money. It could be the lack of money, or the lack of opportunity to make money. It could be that the rules of money favor a certain class of people. But practically every issue comes back down to money. Every political debate that has to do with “people struggling” comes back to money.

Separation of Money and State

On the foundation of a sound monetary system, the future leaders (Bitcoin owners) will be in great position to begin the re-education of people to teach them the power of autonomy and distrust. It is time to take responsibility for securing your wealth, no matter how small, rather than entrusting it in unscrupulous “caretakers”. It is time to hold leaders accountable as well as other people accountable, rather than giving them a blank check to solve all problems.

We’re getting closer to 1984 everyday.

As power continues to shift towards centralized governments with increased policing, increased surveillance, while at the same time losing both security and freedom, we can welcome people who have finally given up on the broken centralized systems into an alternative system based on distributing all that power to individuals. That always includes responsibility as well — to learn and understand Bitcoin properly.

While no Bitcoiner is truly obligated to help build the new stable empire, it would probably be in their best interest anyways, because we’ve already seen what the world is like when the masses are completely uneducated and unprepared. When the world delves into complete chaos, nobody really wins. Only with the right education, do any of us really stand a chance in the future.


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